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Sunday, 24 August 2008

So, I'm On My Second Iphone 3G

Kudos to Carphone Warehouse, they did not quibble when I took the first one back after it froze on the Apple logo on rebooting.
Sad to say that this one has done it twice now, but thanks to the folks on the Apple discussion forums, I now know how to recover it using iTunes! Connecting it to iTunes and holding down the Home button before the Apple logo comes up puts it into recovery mode and iTunes sees it as a new phone. Then just restore it's firmware, restore from backup and resync the music etc and sorted..

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Friday, 22 August 2008

Broken iPhone 3G

So it happened! After just 21 days, my new iPhone gave up the ghost and died. White flash of the screen so I had to reboot it, but it just stayed on the Apple logo for the next hour.

But some good news is that I nipped straight over to Carphone Warehouse on Princes Street and they gave me a brand new one after checking it out!!

Thank goodness for the previously annoying backup, because after updating the firmware to the version my old phone was on, I was able to restore it, and then reload my files etc. Some things like Datacase needed re-installed as none of the files I had in it worked anymore, but pretty much all us sorted now!!

Here's hoping this one lasts longer!!


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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

IPhone 3g, Why Won't It Work

Having had the iPhone 3G for just over a week, I think I have managed a reliable constant 3G connection for a tiny percentage of that.
I knew I would never get a 3G connection at home as there is no coverage at home, but I work in the centre of Edinburgh so in theory should have a great reception. My colleague 10 feet away does, but I don't, yet today none of us have any 3G connection at all. In fact I have only just managed to get a GPRS connection to write this by going outside!!

So, is this an O2 problem, or is there some bad Apples in the cart??

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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

So They Faked It

Seems that not only was the fireworks show that was broadcast in the Olympic ceremony faked for viewers, but the little girl 'singing' was miming while another little girl who was not deemed suitably presentable to represent China actually did the singing. Nice to see the Olympic spirit of honesty alive and well!!!

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Monday, 11 August 2008

Well-timed spontaneous invasion by the USSR (as they will be known as again soon if they continue this blitzkrieg into the rest of their former republics) to co-incide with the eyes of the world on Beijing. Now the one and only pipeline from the East that is not in Russian control may very well be pretty soon. We're screwed.

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Tuesday, 12 December 2006

What a crock!!!!!

Gordon Brown, the man who has forgotten that he is a Fifer, last week doubled the air passenger duty as an "environmental" measure. Maybe I am just thick, but I just don't see how this will help save the planet. It is just yet another not so stealthy task, so that he does not have to raise income tax, which he knows is a vote loser. Using the environment as an excuse at this point in time is an easy option, as so many people are falling for the climate change hoodwinking.

Doubling the rate of tax on flights is not going to help the environment, because he has set it at a level where it is not quite enough to put many people off flying, although there will no doubt be some people who stretched themselves before who will be unable to fly as much now. So, we may end up with the crazy situation of planes flying with less passengers, therefore making them less fuel-efficient (passengers carried per gallon of fuel). Unless the money from APD is ring-fenced for some new trees or cleaning up rivers (aye right) then I will just not swallow the line that this is for the environment.

From a personal point of view, this APD thing stinks because he has based it on when you fly, and not when you booked. I have had flights booked to fly to the US for seven months now, yet I will have to pay this tax. The airlines are currently saying that this situation could mean that people who have pre-booked like me will have to pay the extra tax when we arrive at the airport, and since check-in staff cannot accept money, then we will have to pay by credit card at the check-in desk (£160 in my case, bollox). What on earth is that going to do to the already nightmarish British airport queues and experience? You couldn't make it up!!